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Being proactive instead of reactive can prevent major roadblocks to your company's growth.

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“Our experienced consultants specialize in advising clients to help build scalable and sustainable businesses.”

Ryan O’Mara

80% of our revenue was coming from 20% of our business. Understanding that and focusing on that 20% allowed us to grow what was working.

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100 Employee Government Reseller

We were able to turn a biweekly 16-hour task to build required documentation and turn it into a click of a button and a 1-hour review.

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30 Employee Small Business Financing

We knew we needed insurance but we had coverage for things we didn’t need and we were missing coverage for some of our biggest exposures.

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5 Employee Cyber Security Vendor

Success Stories

See how Good To Grow Consulting has driven business transformation and success for our clients across different sectors.

Drive to Zero

An extension of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Objective Key Results (OKR) methods, Good To Grow Consulting developed performance metrics that integrated into the company’s CRM to allow key positions to drive the ‘open’ items to zero.

Unlike previous KPIs that acted as a scoreboard, this presented employees with being able to fulfill the requirements and have an individual sense of accomplishment. This also allowed direct managers and senior managers to view performance based on what was required for that role, rather than as a competition between similar roles.

In this company’s example, managers had a 3 business day lag in their reporting so employees had a reasonable buffer prior to management stepping in. This project required custom dashboards and integration configuration but no additional programs or data ingest.

man in black t-shirt at a desk with laptop turned to the camera on his right side smiling and pointing at the laptop screen

Streamlining Bonuses

When it comes to employee compensation, clarity, and simplicity are crucial. Without a clear system in place for bonuses or commissions, employees can become frustrated and waste valuable time trying to ensure accuracy instead of focusing on their work.

At Good to Grow Consulting, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate compensation systems. We helped a client who was experiencing frustrated employees always thinking they weren’t being paid what they were owed.

By integrating sales and accounting software with a database and a business intelligence dashboard, we were able to streamline commission calculations, saving the company hours of time each month. Additionally, our solution allowed for easy tracking and analysis, giving management, accounting, and employees alike greater insight and confidence in the accuracy of their compensation.

The Right Expert Matter

When it comes to legal fees, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t always hold true. Hiring a corporate attorney to write your employee handbook might seem like the logical choice, but it can quickly become an expensive proposition. You’ll be paying their market rate based on their other specialties, plus the time it takes them to research and write your policy.

Our client found a free online template and asked the attorney they used to form the company to review it. A few redlines and a chunk of billable hours later, they had a handbook. Unfortunately, it was missing Industry and location-specific requirements and didn’t include many of the policies the company had already implemented.

The key to getting the most value from legal services (and any other expert) is to find an expert who specializes in exactly what you need. We connected the client with an employment law firm with industry experience that had pre-reviewed, standard policies and they met with the client to ask them direct questions about optional policies. They tailored it to their specific needs and the bill was less than their original ‘free’ handbook.

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Our goal is to provide you with quality consulting services at affordable rates. Discover our flexible pricing options today.

Flexible Billing

We offer various payment options to suit your needs. No surprises, just simple and straightforward billing.

Flexible billing is a pay-as-you-go approach where clients are charged for the actual time spent on their projects. The consultant keeps track of the time spent and bills the client accordingly. This approach is suitable for clients who have a specific project or need that can be completed in a relatively short time. Most Good to Grow clients begin on a flexible billing engagement.

Monthly Retainer

Secure our expert services on a monthly basis for continuous support and insights. Benefit from the value of long-term partnership.

The monthly retainer is a fixed fee each month for ongoing consulting services. This approach is suitable for clients who require ongoing support and assistance. The retainer fee covers a set number of hours each month, and the consultant is available to the client as needed. This approach allows clients to have consistent access to consulting services without worrying about fluctuating costs.

Strategic Advisor

Our strategic advisors are committed to providing you with the insights and guidance you need to achieve your business goals.

The Strategic Advisor engagement model is a unique approach where instead of an hourly or monthly fee, clients offer Good to Grow Consulting an equity interest in their company. This approach is suitable for clients who require a more long-term and involved partnership. A Good to Grow consultant typically joins the client’s board in a non-voting advisory role, providing ongoing guidance and support as needed. This approach allows for a deeper level of involvement and investment in the client’s success.